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Pablo De Vincenzo, Life Coach, Motivador

With 34 years of study, research, and experience in spiritual, personal, and business development, Prof. Pablo De Vincenzo offers support to all who need his services and teachings

to recover mental, emotional, and physical well-being.


Prof. Pablo began his personal and human development preparation at a very early age. In the first decade of his life, he began to study music and read spiritual and philosophical topics. He was captivated by the inner knowledge of human beings, electronics, sports, and contact with nature.


As his father was a nurse, radiologist, and surgical instrumentalist, Pablo spent much of his free time in the clinic where his father worked, helping him in some of his tasks and interacting directly with the hospital environment, trauma, cardiologists and gynecologists, physicians, and patients as well.


At nine years old, Pablo greatly desired to see a live surgery; he asked his father, and he granted his wish. He witnessed a 4-hour surgery, leaving a significant impact that aroused his attention and concern to know about the well-being of the human being, reading his father's anatomy and physiology books.


After eight years of music studies (1979 to 1987), while receiving his academic training, he already participated in several musical performances, opening doors to offer his professional services as an Accordionist in restaurants and parties in 5 stars hotels in the capital of the country that saw him born, Caracas, as well as in other regions of Venezuela.


In 1989, he started a new career, studying and walking up the Corporate ladder for several years, receiving several promotions in sales, human resources, and management at Zilstra Intl.,

a North American company with headquarters in Bellevue, WA, and a branch and factory in Venezuela.


Being the company's youngest manager, he participates in national and international management congresses, seminars, and workshops due to his outstanding work as a salesman, recruiter, motivator, and sales manager. For years he trained groups for personal leadership, motivation, and management in different cities of the country.


Since his teenhood, he prepared himself for about ten years in the art of energy healing, naturopathy, and mysticism at the hands of his Master, Manuel Rodríguez.


With his co-founder "Consuelo," he volunteers for many years in the brotherhood of St. Paul Apostle, learning from the teachings of such Initiate. Pablo shared his philosophical and healing knowledge in humanitarian relief missions, serving the poorest and needy who lived on the streets and in poor villages.


In 1995, he moved to the United States to continue his mission to help human beings discover their true Divine nature. Thanks to his previous studies, knowledge, and experiences, he qualifies to study Mental and Emotional Health under the Alternative and Complementary Medicine: Emotional Rational Hypnotherapy and Internal Healing Arts.


In 1998, he graduated with honors from the Miami Emotional Rational Hypnotherapy Center, obtaining a Master's in Clinical Dynamic Hypnotherapy and a Ph.D. in Advanced Dynamic Hypnotherapy and Therapeutic Parapsychology. He began his practice at the La Luz Health Care clinic for a year (the study center and clinic were directed by the late Prof. Juan Caballero). Then opened his Private consultation in Miami, seeing patients with mental, emotional, and physical needs, demonstrating the therapeutic effectiveness

of Emotional Rational Hypnotherapy for improving health and recovering natural well-being.


He combines the art of mental and emotional well-being with his knowledge of philosophy, leadership, and oratory to provide courses, seminars, and conferences in hotel rooms and universities, on topics that promote the development of human qualities, to individuals, couples, children, and families.


He participates in the studies of spiritual philosophy through one of the purest and most genuine sources of knowledge and wisdom we have on our planet, Theosophy, from the hands of Professor Enrique Renard.

He has excellent reception, teaching the course "Raising Our Consciousness" based on Theosophy, in private and public conference centers in Miami, such as N.P.T.I. and others. This course has always been and will be free of charge for attendees.


He participates in interviews as a special guest on Univision television network, Telemundo network, Tele Miami, América TV, and Cristina's show. On radio Caracol, Mambí, La Cubanísima, Amor, el Sol, Romance, and La Clásica 92, where he was interviewed by the late Alvares Guedez, among many other well-known radio hosts. He wrote articles in several magazines and local Miami newspapers.


Throughout his stay in Miami, he entertains Italian, French, and Spanish restaurants, as well as in all kinds of family and corporate celebrations, with his musical talent as an Accordionist.


In 1999, he moved to Orlando, FL, and offered his professional therapy and coaching services, receiving patients from an internist doctor and a psychiatrist. Now with more emphasis on the care of children and adolescents, helping them overcome parenting traumas, and informing and educating parents to end what he calls "THE OLD SCHOOL": repression, impatience, ignorance, intolerance, violence, cruelty, fear, and bullying, which has been dragging from generation to generation. With this initiative, Professor Pablo helps to improve the quality of life of many families, making the upbringing of their children and the home environment more loving, functional, cooperative, and proactive.


Creates its radio talk show "Comprehensive Mental Health" with weekly broadcasting, talking on the topics of greatest need for the local community in the Alternative Healing Arts and Wellbeing Coaching.


On the local T.V. station "Telemundo Orlando," he frequently participates in the morning program

"A Tu Salud" (On your Health), proposing new ideas to viewers through live calls to manage stress and other emotional conditions. Also in Orlando, he continues to offer the Theosophy Course, conferences, seminars, and courses at hotels in the city, at U.C.F., and at Barry University.


In 2003, he returned to Miami to continue to expand and share his life through his music, knowledge, and experiences. He opens his private consultation and legal entity, Complete Mental Health, offering consultation, spiritual retreats, seminars, classes, conferences, and radio and television interviews.


For 12 months in a row, he has participated in Telemundo Internacional as a mental and emotional well-being advisor, proposing to local and Latin American people new ideas to manage depression, anxiety, anger, and stress, taking live calls on the air. He is invited to talk on several local radio stations, such as Amor 107.5, Caracol, El Sol, Romance, La Clásica 92, and others.


He designed a program to advise and train owners and educators of daycare centers and preschools. This training presents new ways to improve the lives of children based on the research, knowledge, and interaction with children in his practice, which is applied as an official program in two private preschools.


In 2004, he founded "Touch of Love," a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing homeless people living on the streets and providing humanitarian A.I.D. wherever it needs it, receiving the support of his patients, students, and friends.

The same year he organized the first Spiritual Retreat, taking a group to the mountains of North Carolina, immersing them in the depths of the forest, surrounded by waterfalls, rivers, and extraordinary energy, where Divine Wisdom was shared under Theosophical philosophy.

Since then, he has offered a yearly spiritual retreat in different places, such as North Carolina, Tennessee, and Colorado.


In 2006, with his accordion, he recorded several songs at Nickelodeon studios for the musical production: Dora's World Adventure, a great success worldwide.


The same year creates, the "International Vegetarian Cooking Course" to teach how to change to animal-free and completely healthy eating habits. He advocates for the Vegetarian and Vegan movement in the world, promoting its Spiritual, Psychological, and Physical benefits through his philosophy courses, cooking classes, lectures, and radio talk shows.


In 2007, launches around the world the video "7 Steps to Raise Personality."


In 2010, he traveled to North Carolina to open a center for Alternative and Integrative Medicine, with the collaboration of a professional in Allopathic medicine, Chinese medicine, and Acupuncture. In Sparta, Elkin, Independence, and Charlotte, Prof. De Vincenzo offers professional services to improve emotional and mental health among N.C. residents. He entertains several private events with his accordion music.


After living for two years in North Carolina and completing his mission with the center, he returns to Miami. He opens his new private office/practice offering consultation, talks, workshops, courses, and seminars, and he writes articles via internet platforms such as Inspirulina.


He continues to reap successes with his accordion music, playing in restaurants and entertaining family and corporate events, and recording with his accordion in the latest musical production at the time of Prince Royce.


In 2013, he opened his first accordion instrument store "Accordions by De Vincenzo, L.L.C.," selling premium new and pre-owned accordions made and brought from Italy to offer the opportunity to obtain a high-quality instruments to students, amateurs, and professional musicians living in the United States and around the world.


In 2015, Pablo started studying and researching agriculture technology and plant-based "plant-based cultured cellular proteins," which is giving birth to a new multi-billion industry. It creates an excellent opportunity to help release the planet's environment's high pressure from the excessive use of animal protein on earth and seas. Today he is leading a Vegetarian and Vegan movement to serve all plant-based proteins in one place to benefit the local, national, and international community.

In 2017, he presented his radio talk show, "The Awakening of Consciousness," which started airing "live" on an Internet-based radio station; now, it airs "live" every Monday at 7 pm.

(in Spanish), Miami time on his Facebook and Instagram pages

Instagram: @pablodevincezo

In 2018, he created a new venture called "I am Vegetarian, L.L.C."

He created a new brand with the same name, registered in the United States.

The project "I am vegetarian" will improve the quality of life of millions of people worldwide!


At the beginning of 2022, he baptizes his accordion shop with a new name, "Accordion's Heaven." Today his shop sells, repairs, and restores accordions to the public throughout the United States and many countries worldwide.

For more than three decades, with his private practice, courses, seminars, workshops, tv, and radio presence, as a musician, entrepreneur, and the foundation "Touch of Love," Prof. Pablo has helped thousands of people promote and sponsor hundreds of educational and humanitarian aid events in the United States and around the world.


Prof. De Vincenzo is always available to attend any place where he is called and invited to

share his knowledge and experiences since his energy of

Light, Peace & Love are with all of humanity!


Pablo De Vincenzo, Life Coach, Motivador
Pablo De Vincenzo, Life Coach, Motivador
Pablo De Vincenzo, Life Coach, Motivador
Pablo De Vincenzo - Accordion player - Miami, FL
Pablo De Vincenzo, Chef Vegetariano
Pablo De Vincenzo, Chef Vegetariano
Pablo De Vincenzo, Ayuda Humanitaria - Toque de Amor - Miami, Fl
Pablo De Vincenzo, Life Coach, Motivador
Pablo De Vincenzo, Retiro Espiritual - Miaimi, FL
Pablo De Vincenzo, Retiro Espiritual - Miaimi, FL
Pablo De Vincenzo, Life Coach, Motivador
Pablo De Vincenzo, Life Coach, Motivador
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