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Private Consultation

Prof. Pablo De Vincenzo www.pablodevince

Welcome to the Private Consultation of

Prof. Pablo De Vincenzo

Private consultations with Prof. Pablo De Vincenzo give you the opportunity to find answers and solutions to the most common difficulties and situations of daily life: personal and professional life, individual and couple, with children and adolescents.

The sessions help you to face, overcome, and eliminate:

fears - guilt - sadness - anxieties - depression - panic attacks - skin rashes - migraines

digestive system disorders - high blood pressure - asthma - a nervous tic

and other conditions.

Prof. Pablo has a scientific and human therapeutic vision based on his studies, research, and 28 years of experience working with cardiologists, internists, and psychiatrists and on the thousands of brain tests done in the best universities in the world.

He is convinced that the healing of all diseases is achieved with Mind and

Emotional Intelligence.

Professor De Vincenzo studied Mental and Emotional Health within Alternative and Complementary Medicine, specializing in Emotional Rational Hypnotherapy and obtaining a Master's in Clinical and Dynamic Hypnotherapy, a Ph.D. in

Advanced Dynamic Hypnotherapy and Therapeutic Parapsychology.

We invite you to learn more about Prof. Pablo De Vincenzo by reading his Biography.

If you have any questions or if you want to make an appointment for your First Evaluation,

you can call or send the form at the end of this page; we will gladly give you the

closest appointment available.

I appreciate your interest in your human and spiritual improvement!


Until you become aware of what you have in your Unconscious, this one

will direct your life and you will

call it destiny!

Carl Gustav Jung

Mental and Emotional Health Therapies and Coaching apply to all individuals, couples, adolescents, and children over 7 years of age.

Therapies help you change programming, conditioning, and paradigms that do not benefit you, freeing you from emotional pain and resentments that you may have from many years ago. With this clarity and freedom, you can make better decisions that produce peace, security, and prosperity in your inner and outer world, attracting new opportunities that drive you to grow in all areas of your life.

The "Rational Emotive Regression" therapy takes the patient to the mother's womb and then runs through childhood until age 21. This direct, simple, and fast method makes you discover when the programs that affect you today were created, cleaning the harmful emotional charges, and with the applied therapy of Professor Pablo, new programming is created that replaces the old one, based on the 3 most powerful therapeutic principles: Love, Forgiveness, and Union.

The first step you must take is to participate in the first Evaluation of two hours, necessary to create the best action plan and solve your life situations in the short term.

After the Evaluation, the Prof. will guide you and do the therapies during two-hour sessions, once a week, until you manage to re-establish peace and harmony.


Inner Healing therapies are a combination of
Rational Emotive Regression and Coaching for Personal Well-being.

"When we free ourselves from thoughts and emotions of fears and mediocrity,

we live life the way Divinity Source designed us

as part of its Creation"

Pablo De Vincenzo

Therapies y Coaching for your Inner Healing

Private Consultations prices:


First individual evaluation (2 hours): $190.00

First couple evaluation (2 hours): $240.00

First family evaluation (2 hours) $290.00 (up to 4 people)



Weekly individual session (2 hours): $140.00 per sesión

Weekly couple session (2 hours): $190.00 per sesión

Weekly family session (2 hours) $240.00 (up to 4 people)

Methods of payment:

cash, payment via ZELLE app, CASH app, 

personal check, and credit card.

Private Consultation location:

Zoom, WhatsApp, or by Phone.

In-person consultations in special cases ($50.00 additional charge)

To make an appointment, please call us

1 305 428 3740 or send us an email

Prof. Pablo De Vincenzo only receives patients with

previous appointments.



I am Vegetarian, LLC is a company registered in the state of Florida, under the statutes of LLC (Limited Liability Corporation).

I am Vegetarian, LLC is the legal name that represents Professor Pablo De Vincenzo in all his courses and activities of Healthy Eating, in the area of ​​Vegetarian and Vegan Cuisine, and his services with therapies of Mental, Emotional, and Physical health coaching within Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

Registrations and payments received by credit card, cash, check, or electronic transfer via ZELLE app, Cash App, or any other form of payment, is handled by I am Vegetarian, LLC at its discretion to ensure quality and compliance with the services offered to all people (clients) who directly or indirectly request the services of Prof. Pablo De Vincenzo.

The money paid to I am Vegetarian, LLC is to reserve in advance the services offered, so we invite each person to make a clear and objective decision before making the payment of the desired service. Once the payment is made, there is no refund of the money, since the money paid is to ensure the quality and compliance of the service that the person (client) is wanting to receive.

If the person (client) cannot attend the paid activity (service), the money remains as a "credit" for other activities and services offered by Prof. Pablo De Vincenzo through

I am Vegetarian, LLC.

The amount that remains as credit is valid for 6 months, after 6 months the person (client) loses the right to use the credit that was available.

If the person cannot use the service for which they paid, due to illness, accident, or proven death, the money paid will be returned, less 20% of the administrative charge, within the following 30 days.

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