International Vegetarian

Cooking Course

International Vegetarian Cooking Course

Healthy food for your Mind,

your Body and the Planet!

Dear friends, students, patients and new followers, it is my pleasure to welcome you to this wonderful

Vegetarian and Vegan cooking course.


The (covid-19) has shown us that the consumption of animals creates a high risk of producing more highly contagious viruses.


In the last two months, the demand for Vegetarian and Vegan foods has tripled, as they are the most efficient solution to avoid another pandemic and improve health.

Humanity is more educated about the benefits of a plant-based diet, and the importance of eliminating cruelty to animals!

With 23 years of practice in the field of mental, emotional and physical health, I have seen an immense number of people with food-borne illnesses that they have maintained for years.

It is already scientifically proven that plant-based food eliminates toxins, loses weight, raises the level of vital energy, lowers cholesterol, controls diabetes, reduces stress, calms the nerves, and the mind focuses more easily.

More doctors and nutritionists are recommending a plant-based and vegetable protein diet.

Participate and discover how you can improve your Mental and Physical health, and help improve the quality of life of all beings that live on Earth, with this International Vegetarian Cooking course!

WHEN: Sunday, June 7th. 2020

TIME: 10 am to 4 pm

PLACE: Miami, FL 33196

It is my privilege to offer you this Vegetarian/Vegan Food Course.

14 years of teaching this wonderful course, have given me the opportunity to learn and share amazing recipes with the most advance plant-based protein substitutes available in the market.


You will learn to prepare recipes from India, China, Italy, and Latin America with Vegetarian and Vegan proteins that replace animal proteins, with the original flavor of each country, completely fresh and natural.


When we finish cooking we will sit down to eat the recipes we prepare.


You only need to bring a notebook, an apron, a wooden board, and a vegetable knife.


WHEN: Sunday, June 7th. 2020

TIME: 10 am to 4 pm

PLACE: Miami, FL 33196

SPECIAL PRICE: $175.00 p/person    

$250.00 p/couple

This price include:​​​​​

  • 6 hours of live course

  • Digital Nutritional guide via email

  • All the products to cook 4 recipes 

  • The cooked food will be share with the students

You can register making the payment with ZELLE app

using the phone number 305 428 3740

or with your debit or credit card pressing the 

Buy Now button

PRICE: $175.00

1 person

PRICE: $250.00 Couple (2 persons)

Making the payment on the website or by phone you agree with the Terms & Conditions Policy

We offer private courses in the privacy of your home or in

our kitchen.  3, 4 and 5 hours with 3 and 4 recipes, written guide and nutritional assessment.

We make menus for restaurants and train cooks to expand the variety of vegetarian and vegan options fir your customers.

Call to give you information about this option.



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